We specialise in game conversion to bring your
game to new platforms

Conversion Expertise

Our skilled development team know how to convert games to new platforms. We take games to new platforms by adapting control schemes, game mechanics, graphics and experiences. By adapting the game at its core we make sure the conversion is suited to the target platform, while maintaining the original hook and values.

Experienced Conversion Developer

We are experienced in game conversion so you can be sure that we are your best choice of developer. We optimise for consoles – not just code but user experience, controls and UI. Taking a game to a new platform is more than just changing the build target. We know the nuances of adapting a game to a new format. When we convert a game we go the extra mile to make sure the new experience is the best it can be.

Our designers consider all aspects of the game, especially the controls. When we convert games we know how to take advantage of new interface devices and how they relate to the original game concept.

Content Changes

Often game conversions involve manipulation or recreation of models, textures, GUI and effects. We understand how to squeeze the best results out of a new platform so your game will shine. Monetization strategies change between platforms so you need to partner with us to get the best results. We know audiences and store integration across all platforms and we work with clients to maximise revenue potential. We can even take on further localisation of your game so that new markets are opened up to you.

Talk to us and we’ll show you just how much potential there is for your game to shine on new platforms. We’ll do the hard work with minimal business impact to you, so you can focus on your next masterpiece.

Conversion Platforms

We convert games to any platform so there is nowhere your game can’t go…

  • Consoles
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Nintendo 2DS/3DS
    • Sony PlayStation 4
    • Microsoft Xbox One
  • PC & Web
    • Steam
    • WebGL
    • Windows
    • HTML5
  • Mobile
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Samsung Kids
    • Windows Phone
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Amazon FreeTime
    • Android TV
    • Apple TV