Good design is at the heart of every
great videogame

Getting Under The Skin Of The Player

We have assembled a fantastic team of game designers and developers. With experience in all facets of gaming, our design team is able to craft the most incredible worlds, experiences and gameplay mechanics. At Amuzo, good game design is King.

We always consider the emotions, expectations, aspirations and desires of players. At the heart of our games lie challenges that both test and reward players for their time and commitment. From snackable hyper-casual games to hardcore console creations we put the player’s enjoyment first.

Well Crafted Stories, Exciting New Worlds

Video games should transport players from their reality into a world of fantasy and fun so that they will experience things beyond their own imaginations. We always work hard to craft incredible escapism that can be experienced by anyone.

Balanced Gameplay

We understand the formulas that balance video games. Our mission is to create games that are both easy to play yet hard to master. We love to create new game mechanics that hook players and ground them in activities that challenge while always defying their expectations. Great games respond to players and their actions and never disappoint.