Hyper Casual Games

Bite sized, one handed, single tap, short loop, addictive mobile experiences? Yes. We do hyper casual games!

Balancing Production Values With Core Gameplay

  • Getting hyper casual right is difficult, so we have invested in finding the balance.
  • We work to make our games look as good as possible because players can tire of the low-budget look.
  • We focus on the core game loop as this is what hooks players.
  • With hyper casual games we build short play experiences which players repeat over and over.

Rapid Development

  • Our pipeline for hyper casual development is refined in order to increase the number of game mechanics we can experiment with.
  • We have dedicated game designers and coders who focus on the creation of core game mechanics that are fun and easy to communicate.
  • If we fail, we fail fast, and that’s OK! As a result we create many original gameplay ideas every week.

Understanding The Market

  • We monitor the app stores to spot trends.
  • Our long history of video games development gives us insight to great game ideas that can be made for the modern, casual gamer.

Hey Publishers!

  • We are keen to connect with publishers to take our games to market.