Our work doesn’t end at launch. We add content,
engage players, balance the game & extend it’s lifespan


Live Ops is an important factor in mobile games. We use top-tier analytics in all our games to monitor performance and player engagement. We react to the data we receive so that our games are always performing well.

Content Updates

We are great at adding new content to games after launch. New levels, vehicles, characters, seasonal and vanity items keep players playing. You can be sure that we know how to balance content with revenue as we’ve supported many games in Live Ops mode. It’s a part of our production plan, so we always deliver on time and on budget.

Game Balancing

Our games are perfectly balanced and tuned at launch. More balancing is often needed when new content is added. We make game balancing after launch part of our plan so that our games are always in the best state for players to enjoy.

New Gameplay Features

Popular games can receive significant updates that add new features and game mechanics. Players love new game modes, challenges and adventures so we are skilled in adding to a game after launch.

App Store Optimisation

So that our games remain highly ranked we test and tweak app store and digital download platform listings. The smallest change can make a big difference. Changing a colour in an app icon can increase downloads. Adding a word or a screenshot can make more players choose a game. Even a title change can affect install rates. We get the best results because we use A/B and multi-variance testing.

Advertising Assets

Supporting marketing campaigns is important to us. Your marketing team will get what they need as we are used to providing content needed for video, banner, media and social campaigns.