Mobile Games Development

You need a mobile games developer? Great, that’s us.

Experienced Mobile Games Developer

  • We have more than 20 years’ experience as Amuzo, some of our team have over 30 years experience in game development! So we’re the right choice to create your mobile game.
  • Clients have returned to us time and again due to our high quality work and unbeatable processes and procedures.

Designed For Mobile

  • We design and develop games for mobile. We know how mobile games work and how users play them, so your game will succeed.
  • Our understanding of mobile control schemes is second to none so players will get right into the action.
  • We finely tune the experience balancing incentives, challenges and rewards to increase engagement and user retention.


  • The are many ways to make money in mobile games, yet choosing the best strategy can be difficult.
  • Our experienced games designers know how to include in-app-purchases, subscriptions and advertising platforms therefore your game will be finely tuned to earn the most revenue.

Store Publishing

  • We know how to maximise exposure on mobile app stores and as a result the games that we develop achieve more downloads.

Our Mobile Games

  • We have developed mobile games for an impressive client list…
    • Warner Bros
    • LEGO
    • Playmobil
    • Disney
    • Lucasfilm
    • Hasbro
    • Propel
    • Headline Books

Let’s Build Your Mobile Game Together

  • We will develop your mobile game.
  • For brands, original IP or existing IP we are the team to talk to.
  • We’re excited to work with you!