Unreal Development

Our highly experienced development team has worked with the Unreal Engine through its many updates. We are happy to talk about your game development needs for all game engines.

Published Games From AAA Studios

  • Our team of 30 coders, artists, designers and producers have each made individual achievements on best-selling games. Not to mention, they have experience across all hardware formats.
  • Furthermore, key team members are experienced with Unreal’s frameworks and pipeline.
  • Here at Amuzo we have 100s of published console, PC and mobile games between us.
  • Our coding team has worked on published games for AAA studios: e.g. Rebellion, Razorworks, Sony London Studio, Eidos, Codemasters and Sumo Digital.

Rapid Prototyping

  • We have a dedicated prototype team who have used Unreal to rapidly prototype games and simulations.
  • Blueprint visual scripting makes the engine particularly good for getting a game design up and running quickly.
  • Our art team has tried and tested experience in creating optimised visuals.
  • Most importantly, the engine allows us to deliver a visual style on-par with today’s next-gen games.

Tell Us What You Need

  • With 300+ years of experience in the games industry between us, the Amuzo Team can offer you the development expertise you need.
  • All things considered, Unreal is a fantastic engine to create modern videogames.
  • Call us today because that’s the best way to set up a meeting. Our friendly Sales Team is waiting for your call.