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Are you a mobile publisher? You’ll love Merge Monsters!

About Merge Monsters

Currently in development at Amuzo, Merge Monsters brings rewarding & addictive merge gameplay and mixes it with idle-clicker craziness in a fantasy universe! Summon unlimited merge-able monsters, cast devastating spells and battle epic bosses as you conquer the world…. and parallel worlds!

  • Merge – duplicate monsters to create completely new, more powerful minions to send into battle by dragging them onto the villages, farms and castles
  • Defeat all the enemies on screen to progress to the next procedurally generated screen
  • Enjoy a compelling story told through bite-sized dialogue between stages
  • Defeated enemies drop gold to spend on new monsters, spells and buffs
  • Cast devastating spells onto the battlefield
  • Receive awards, perks, bonuses and buffs every few seconds
  • Challenging boss battles that test the mettle of your monsters
  • Idle rewards – The world keeps turning in the background, accruing gold
  • Interactive special stages – Some rare screens contain interactive features and hidden treasures
  • Tap on environmental set pieces to help the monsters clear the screen. Roll rocks, fell trees, shoot catapults and more
  • Repeatable loop – once the world has been claimed, travel to a new parallel world and start again with new bonuses
  • Achievements – rapid incentivised goals that keep player’s playing and rewarded

You’re an evil, monster merging wizard in a land of do-gooding good guys. And it’s oh so good to be bad!

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Merge Monsters Pre-Production Prototype demonstration