LEGO® The Robot Chronicles

Publisher: LEGO®

Year: 2009

Formats: Web

When children play with LEGO, they mix and match the models with little regard to what sub-brand the toy belongs to. The LEGO Company was intrigued to find out how they could mirror this behaviour in an online game and promote their brand as a whole.

To reflect the primary objective of this campaign, the creative team followed two rules when building The Robot Chronicles. The first is obvious – ensure the game is fun for children to play. The second is summed up by the ethos “play the way you want, whenever you want to”. This campaign is a Persistent World and as close as we could get to creating a “Living” City in Flash.

The combination of casual exploration whilst solving a larger mystery is critical to the playability of the game. Younger children can spend their time putting out fires, arresting villains and rescuing injured people, and be completely entertained. Older children will be searching for story-based elements and looking to solve a much larger puzzle.