Idle Sea Park

Publisher: Playstack London
Year: 2022… in Live Ops
Formats: iOS, Android

Welcome to Idle Sea Park! Immerse yourself in the fascinating underwater world by building an aquarium filled with a diverse array of fish species. Keep your fish happy and healthy by tapping the fish tank to feed them. As a skilled tycoon, expand your aquarium to increase your earnings and grow your empire!

Start small & expand
Dive into the exciting world of fish tycoonery! Start by building a small aquarium park where visitors can admire your colorful fishy friends. Keep your finger tapping to stay on top of your customer’s needs, with strategic planning, your fish tank empire will flourish, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a famous fish tycoon!

Attract Visitors
Decorate and enhance your Sea Park to create an aquarium paradise that delights both your fishy friends and your customers. Remember, happy customers and happy fish mean more progress for your thriving aquarium business!

Bigger animals – orcas, turtles, sharks!
Develop your Sea Park and showcase a diverse array of aquatic life! From otters to penguins, lobsters to dolphins, tap your way to success as you catch and feed an incredible variety of sea life from the ocean!

Improve your park rating!
Buy new attractions and expand your aquarium and accommodate even more fascinating aquatic life! With strategic tapping, improve your profits, and become the ultimate tycoon of the aquarium world!