LEGO City: My City 2

Publisher: LEGO®

Year: 2016-2019

Formats: iOS, Android

Amuzo ran the development and Live Ops of LEGO City for three years, including seasonal updates for Halloween and Christmas.

LEGO City: My City 2 is a creative mission-based game for brave 6-8-year-old everyday heroes. Build cool vehicles to put out fires, construct buildings, save minifigures in distress at sea, chase crooks across the City, and explore the mysteries of the mountains or the dangerous volcanic excavation site!

  • Young LEGO City heroes can experiment with the basics of physics and practice their fine motor skills while dodging obstacles, reaching goals, and saving the day in a thrilling race against the clock!
  • Players can build their own versions of LEGO City vehicles including fire trucks, police cars, construction vehicles, helicopters, coastguard boats, ATVs, and many more.
  • Watch the city grow by spending LEGO Bricks after every completed heroic mission.
  • Every area in LEGO City needs a hero: The city centre, the mountains, the volcano, even the sky and the sea!
  • A real hero can keep cool under pressure – each mission must be completed before the clock runs out!