Playmobil Mars Mission

Publisher: Playmobil

Year: 2018

Formats: iOS, Android

Derrek Mitchell is everyone’s favourite astronaut! He’s brave, he’s strong, and he was on a delivery mission to Mars when he was clumsy and crashed into the red planet. Landing for a rescue mission in the Space Station, the Mars Mission team stay on board as rookie astronaut Alvin Goodman puts down his videogame and sets out to save the day!

Playing as Alvin, your mission is to explore Mars to harvest crystals, ship parts and alien tech. Take these items back to base so Russian tech whizz astronaut Ilana Astropova can build, upgrade and repair your gear. She can craft a jetpack so you can fly over tricky rocks, fix the Mars Rover so you can race around the planet and service the Research Vehicle for exploring the darkest corners of the Mars surface.

Back at base Commander Ben Denford has friendly advice for your mission, and is keeping a close eye on SOS signals from Mitchell, while if you’re lucky you will bump into Mitchell’s friendly robot RU-EC-2 who is also searching for his friend.

Good luck on Mars, rookie!