Star Wars Battle Drones

Publisher: Lucasfilm/Propel

Year: 2018

Formats: iOS, Android

Amuzo was challenged to create a drone training app that used the Bluetooth controller from Propel’s Star Wars drone range as the input. The goal: train pilots in the app to avoid them smashing their $200 X-Wing to pieces.

Learn how to fly your Propel Star Wars™ drone on your smartphone before taking to the skies for real with the Battle Drones training app. Install the app, attach your smartphone using the pull-out holder built into your drone controller, then activate Bluetooth and you’re ready to begin your flight training.

  • Using the Propel Star Wars™ Battle Drone app you can master flying and battling your T-65 X-Wing™, TIE Advanced x1™ or 74-Z Speeder Bike™ in 34 training missions, set in environments from the Star Wars™ galaxy.
  • Each mission has been specifically designed by a team of professional drone pilots to give you a unique training experience.
  • Once you are confident in your flying ability, the app becomes a live scoreboard to enhance your real-world drone dogfights.

Prepare for take-off!