wipEout Merge

Publisher: PlayStation Studios/Rogue Games

Year: 2020

Formats: iOS, Android

The adrenaline-fuelled anti-gravity ships of PlayStation’s WIPEOUT™ series combine with compelling merge gameplay and card collection in wipEout Merge.

Merge iconic WIPEOUT™ ships and fly them around legendary tracks to earn credits. Test new ships and weapons to master your skills before competing in races. Spend your winnings to purchase upgrades and boost your ships’ stats, improving your credits-per-second.

Play a Quick Race or enter the single-player Championships to progress through tricky racing challenges. Deploy powerful weapons to give yourself the edge in each race, beat the Anti-Gravity Racing team bosses and earn awesome rewards.

Complete Daily Goals, earn Achievements and build a wipEout Merge Card Collection, learning more about the ships, teams and tracks of the WIPEOUT™ world.

wipEout Merge combines the fast, futuristic look and feel of classic PlayStation WIPEOUT™ with a comic book style and story created to appeal to a new generation of mobile WIPEOUT™ gamers.