Cato & Macro

Publisher: Amuzo/Headline Books

Year: 2015

Formats: iOS, Android

From Sunday Times Bestselling author Simon Scarrow comes Cato & Macro: The Game. Storm your way across the battlefields of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East with fictional legends Cato and Macro in their fight to defend and expand the Roman Empire.

  • Help Cato and Macro command their troops in battle
  • Build barracks, gain resources and prepare for war
  • Master the two gameplay modes:
    • Story mode: Conquer 12 death-defying levels
    • Skirmish mode: Slay waves of Bandits, Barbarians and Druids
  •  Unlock exclusive author notes and story extracts
  • Unleash the Flaming Pig on unsuspecting enemies!
  • Spot appearances from legends Boudica, Caratacus and Ajax

What are you waiting for? Be ruthless in your battle strategy leaving decapitated enemies in your wake! Buying Gems will allow you to advance quicker through levels as well as purchase Premium Units – The Flaming Pig and Praetorian.

Roma Victor!