Playmobil Princess Castle

Publisher: Playmobil

Year: 2016

Formats: iOS, Android

Inside the Playmobil Princess Castle there’s a whirlwind of activity as the Princess gets ready for the grand ball!
Help her highness by picking out a stunning outfit, dress her the way you want her to look and choose the hairstyle that you think will suit her best.

Don’t forget to make sure her prize horses are groomed, fed and looking their best too, then explore the castle to uncover its hidden secrets and meet the Prince.

Watch in awe as YOUR Princess stars in her very own enchanted story. Playmobil Princess Castle is your ticket to the ball!

• See the Playmobil Princess Castle playset brought to life in 3D
• Search the Princess Castle to find new dresses, gowns, decorations and music for the dance
• Bring the Princess Castle to life with magic to open the windows, enter the main gates, spin chairs, bounce pots and more
• Get creative and customise your Princess and her castle decorations for the grand ball
• Remember which presents the Princess asked for and open them all up before the party
• Look after your horses by feeding them carrots and brushing their silky manes
• Discover where the Prince has been hiding, find the fiddler’s fiddle and spin the podium to dance the night away