The World Has Gone

Publisher: Amuzo

Year: 2024

Formats: iOS, Android, Steam

The World Has Gone! A deadly virus has spread around the globe, turning those who catch it into vile, mutated, vicious zombies. As one of the few survivors, you must set up a home base in a secure location, venture out on missions to gather resources, defend against the raging zombie hordes and search for other survivors to strengthen your team.

Presented in a comic book style, The World Has Gone is set in an apocalypse-ravaged city with story and resource based missions, as you meet a desperate Doctor who is searching for the source of the zombie outbreak and a possible cure. You will discover chaos at every turn as you explore the surrounding areas, searching for tools and keys – all the while keep an eye on your ammo. You don’t want to be caught out in the open with no bullets left! Upgrade your home base to take on more survivors, find the essential items that doctor needs for her research, and above all else – stay alive!

Home Base
Your base is home, and needs to be protected at all costs. With no military aid, you must bring the fight from your own base. Gathering resources on missions, you’re able to upgrade the base wall defenses, making them much stronger against zombie attacks. As your base grows, more resources are demanded, such as wood, metal and power.

Each mission requires a maximum 4-person team. When you head off on a mission you must choose which team members will accompany you. Each character has their own weapon, which depending on the mission, can sometimes help determine if the fight will be easy or hard. If a character falls in the mission, they’re taken back to the home base and require time and resources to heal. A strong team will bring the fight, so make sure your team is ready for the challenge.

Throughout the missions, you will encounter Gas Zombies, Fast Zombies, Tanks and Juggernauts. While they all have their unique blood-curdling attacks, they are all vulnerable to a shotgun!