Volcano Island

Publisher: Amuzo

Year: 2023

Formats: iOS, Android

Welcome to Volcano Island! Create magma with a single tap and cause eruptions in this volcanic sim experience. See nature grow as the lava cools and forms islands of fun shapes and sizes: your own personal oasis.

Use the power of a volcano to rain death and destruction across your island and its nature, ready to reshape and redesign the latest iteration of your island. Nature will endure in this idle volcanic sim, and you’ll see nature regrow and life will once again flourish on the island.

That’s not all: beautiful islands attract wealthy guests, earning you idle income with every tap as they explore the nature found on your island; for as long as you let them, that is…😈

⚠️GUESTS BEWARE⚠️ you may find yourself running from lava as the eruptions explode and the island is redesigned! Guests will end up aflame and burnt to a crisp if they’re not careful!

🌋Sim game where you form huge volcanos!

🏝️Use a single touch or tap to cause eruptions to design your own island oasis from a humble rock to a lush paradise

🌺Buy flora and fauna to increase the beauty of your island, attracting more island guests and idle income, letting you unlock exciting new features such as lush plants, colourful birds and wild animals

😎God sim gameplay means YOU decide what happens to guests: let people roam peacefully or burn them down with lava and magma eruptions

👒You call all the shots in this volcanic sim game; oh, and for whatever reason you can collect people’s hats you’ve chosen destruction to burn them to a crisp. Hats are cool.

💰Stop by and visit the eccentric Mad Hattie Homburg as he regularly rewards you, financing your expansion and opening brand-new islands